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Good scientific practice

Good scientific practice

On July 1st 2017, the Danish parliament passed a new law on research misconduct. This law brings about changes to Aalborg University’s rules and procedures in this area.

The practical changes due to this new law can be read below.


Questions about good scientific practice:

  Janni holm bragason

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Questions about PU AAU:

  Signe Hernvig

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Questions about reference checks of PhD dissertations:

  Henriette Flindt Bjerg

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What is good scientific practice?

The Academic Council is responsible for developing and maintaining a high academic standard at the Faculty of Social Sciences; herein lays a responsibility of developing guidelines that promote good scientific practice. The newest guidelines will be prepared and compiled in fall 2017.

What is research misconduct?

Research misconduct happens when a researcher contradicts good scientific practice.

Research misconduct includes fabrication, falsification, and plagiary committed willfully in the planning, performing, or reporting of research; Article 3, paragraph 2.

Handling of cases dealing with research misconduct

The Danish Committee on Research Misconduct handles cases dealing with research misconduct in scientific publications. As a general rule a case is raised via a complaint handed in at the research institution where the research in question was carried out. If a research institution wants to raise a case themselves, complaints may be brought directly before the Committee.

The Committee has to publish an annual report on questionable research practice in Denmark based on annual reporting from the institutions to the Committee.

The Committee works toward strengthening the credibility of Danish research, preventing research misconduct and supporting the effort on research integrity as expressed in the Danish Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.

All Danish cases of research misconduct are handled by the Danish Committee on Research Misconduct. It is within the jurisdiction of the Committee to deal with cases concerning public funded research and research carried out at a public Danish research institution.

What is questionable conduct of research?

Questionable conduct of research is typically seen in cases involving a violation of good scientific practice, however not of research misconduct.

Handling of cases dealing with questionable conduct of research

The university principal has established a committee, PU AAU, dealing with the handling of cases on questionable conduct of research and the initial handling of cases on research misconduct. PU AAU is also in ongoing coordinated dialogue with the Danish Committee of Research Misconduct.

The primary task of PU AAU is to handle suspicions of questionable conduct of research. Cases on questionable conduct of research cover cases with a scientific product that has come to exist through research at Aalborg University that, however, are not part of the responsibilities of the Danish Committee of Research Misconduct.  

Any cases concerning suspicions of fabrication, falsification, or plagiary within the responsibilities of the Danish Committee of Research Misconduct, PU AAU forwards to the Danish Committee of Research Misconduct.