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aau researchers help socially marginalised people with employment

Innovative welfare solution to open up for inclusion on the job market rather than public funding

In spite of countless reforms, there has only been limited success in getting socially marginalised people to join the job market. Currently, we are experiencing a low unemployment rate and beginning impasses for which reason it is important to help as many as possible out of public funding.

For this reason, a group of researchers at the Social Sciences at Aalborg University are to develop an innovative welfare solution to help these people with employment. As something new, the researchers will look at political and organisational conditions and how these conditions affect the behaviour and attitude of the individual. A qualification of the local strategy, the holistic approach across participants, sections and co-workers, the dialogue between employee and citizen, public involvement, and active participation from business will create value, so that the local sections can provide meaningful offers that help socially marginalised people with full or part time employment.

Collaboration between AAU, KL and selected municipalities

The research project ”LISES – Local Innovation in Social and Employment Services" started as a collaboration between Aalborg University, KL, Holstebro Municipality and Herning Municipality - but as of 2017 Gladsaxe, Aarhus, Vesthimmerland and Silkeborg Municipalities have joined the collaboration.