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Open acces to research on commercial law

New journal breaks tradition for publishing research results

How do we make research within commercial law more available? With this question, a new research project launched by a research group at Aalborg University. The project aimed to gather and communicate knowledge and to allow open access to all articles in the journal. More precisely, it aimed to communicate research on commercial law covering various topics such as corporate social responsibility and digital platform providers. The Journal was called Nordic Journal of Commercial Law.

The highest level of quality

Today, the journal is read in 60 countries. The journal breaks the tradition of law research being published in journals that require of their readers to pay a fee to get access, as well as it breaks with a tradition where the reviewer of a research article is able to see author names and affiliations (single-blind peer review). Nordic Journal of Commercial Law is thus characterised by its open access with results reviewed by law experts without reviewer and author knowing about each other. The researchers have chosen the method of double-blind peer review as it ensures the absolute highest level of quality and provides young researchers with a unique chance to break through in the academic world since their CVs and seniorities cannot play a conscious or unconscious part in the judgment of their work.


Peer reviewing is a method applied often to ensure the quality of the research results before publishing them. In the “single-blind peer review” that is used most often, editor and reviewer are able to see the names and affiliations of the authors whereas the authors are unable to see the names of the reviewer. Double-blind peer reviewing keeps information about the editor, reviewer and author hidden from all parts.

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