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Equipping municipal workers to involve youth

youth to have greater impact on own lives

In collaboration with a local division, researchers at Aalborg University have examined how the cooperative relationship between young people in the transition from childhood to adult age and their local social worker works. In the study, researchers have spoken to local managers and staff about their experiences of the cooperation with the young people, as well as they have observed specific meetings between young people and local social workers. Since this has been research in practice, the planning of the research process has happened in cooperation with the administrating management and the employees involved. The purpose has been to get insights and new solutions to current challenges in the local division.

Confusion about involvement

The study showed great confusion about the concept of involvement among management and employees as well as it showed that the cooperation was more informative rather than that of involvement. A parallel study showed that the youth involved did not feel involved or heard.

During the process as well as after subsequent to the process, the newly attained knowledge was used by the employees in their daily work with the young people. In addition to that, the study helped researchers identify perspectives that the employees could continue to work with in order for them to help the youth have more impact on their own lives.

Since AAU researchers finished their project, the municipality involved has continued their work in involving the youth. Besides creating value in a public level of service, the researchers hope that the study will have an impact in local politics, youths’ quality of life and health both in the municipality involved but also in other municipalities. Enquiries from other municipalities point in that direction.

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