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better opportunities for developing and IMPLEMENTING CREATIVE ideas

Researchers from Aalborg University and innovation consultants from Danish Technological Institute have, in collaboration, identified barriers and opportunities to carry out new innovational projects. Part of the purpose with the research project “Exploring radical innovation projects from a learning perspective” was to develop a new version of an innovation model that could help innovation consultants document their practical work in supporting public and private customers’ innovation projects (Triple-Helix model). Furthermore, Danish Technological Institute wished to create better opportunities for developing and implementing creative ideas. The project was a business PhD collaboration between Aalborg University, Aarhus University and Danish Technological Institute.

learning and value creation

The collaboration between Aalborg University, Aarhus University, Danish Technological Institute, and the businesses involved created research-related value. Danish Technological Institute obtained their goal of a new model as well as they gained knowledge on how to increase customers’ interests for their products and services, and how to increase project sales to municipalities and other public organisations. The businesses that were involved developed new ideas and business models. Aalborg University and Aarhus University collected important data and received positive feedback from their collaborative partners as well as various enquiries about new collaborations.  


The Triple Helix model is used to describe the collaboration on the process of change and the process of innovation between universities, private businesses, and national agencies. The three types of roles will typically have different interests that, combined, will create a joint value. Universities will be interested in producing new knowledge; businesses will be interested in maximising profits; and national agencies will be interested in creating growth in society and new jobs.

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