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AAU researchers fight social dumping in Copenhagen

Research project inspired municipal workers to work in new ways

Københavns Kommune (Municipality of Copenhagen) launched an initiative against social dumping in 2013. In 2016, the municipality decided to have the initiative evaluated by people external from and unaffiliated with the initiative. The research group CARMA from Aalborg University was selected to evaluate the initiative. The researchers examined whether politicians had achieved their 2013 goals as well as they evaluated the work that had been done since then. Suppliers, interest groups, trade unions, and employees of the administration were asked to evaluate the initiative and based on this, the researchers then gave a range of recommendations for restructuring and developing the initiative.


Fewer cases of social dumping

Københavns Kommune (Municipality of Copenhagen) has decided to do an internal rather than external organisation of the initiative against social dumping. Likewise, the municipal council has chosen to follow recommendations on a reorganisation of bidding rounds, other domains, new forms of dialogue etc. Subsequently, the research project has inspired employees to work in new ways. According to stakeholders, cases of social dumping have decreased in the municipality. The study and the recommendations are relevant to other municipalities’ initiatives against social dumping.

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