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AAU researchers contribute to knowledge about economic evaluation

AAU researchers contribute to knowledge about economic evaluation

Expenses for new medicine has soared in recent years. The high medicine figures have put the health care system under such economic pressure that the government decided to establish a Medicine Council in 2017.

The purpose of the council was to compose regional guidance for treatment so that hospitals and regions would apply the medications most appropriate for treatment of patients. Researchers from Aalborg University were invited to take part in this work, as they wanted to make use of research related knowledge in the area of economic evaluation.

Moreover, the Medicine Council was to assess whether new medicaments should take over as new standard treatments as well as evaluate the expenses and the effect of this new medicament. The economic evaluations were used in negotiations with the pharmaceutical industry in introducing new medicine and in the development of national guidelines for economic evaluation of new medicinal technology.

Use of national guidelines

Researchers from Aalborg University have taken part in composing two new health economic guidelines. These are guidelines concerned with assessing whether the price for a specific medicament is consistent with the gain of health, and whether patients should be given public subventions for new medicine. Today, the guidelines are used when applying for putting new medicaments into operation in Denmark. In the long term, studies will show whether these national guidelines ease the management of expenses for purchasing new medicaments in the health care system.


The Medicine Council composes recommendations about putting new medicaments into operation as well as it approves regional guidelines for five regions. The treatment guidelines are assessments of which medicaments are most appropriate for treatment of patients.
The Danish Medicines Agency approves and controls pharmaceutical companies and medicaments at pharmacies. The Agency monitors side effects from medicaments and decides which medicaments can get the patients public subventions. The Agency, likewise, issues apothecary licences, plans the pharmacy structure, and supervises pharmacies.  

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