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Aalborg University has a longstanding tradition collaborating with society and prioritising research with great use-value. This is also true for researchers from Departments at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

We have gathered a number of impact cases from the Faculty of Social Sciences to illustrate how research has had impact on areas such as economy, politics, culture, the judicial system, social relations, and the like. In some cases, research has had direct societal impact whereas in other cases, societal impact has become effective with time. The selection of impact cases illustrates the span and the dimensions in research at the Faculty of Social Sciences.



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Research with use-value

Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences is characterised by great impact and use-value for society.

Since the formation of the university in 1974, research at the Faculty of Social Sciences has not just contributed to new insights and understandings; it has furthermore been included and used in different societal situations.

In other words, the research has had great societal impact and contributed to specific developments and changes in the Danish society.