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Globalization and innovation in sustainable energy industries in China

Globalization and innovation in sustainable energy industries in China

Researchers investigate China’s role in the global market for green energy technologies.

The challenge

Over the past 10 years China has become one of the leading nations in the development of intelligent and effective methods to utilize energy resources. We know very little about the reasons behind and the consequences of China’s new role as a global actor in the development of sustainable energy technologies. For this reason, a group of researchers from the Department of Business and Management will investigate globalization and innovation in Chinese energy industries.


The science

The study will involve case studies of innovation and internationalization in Chinese hydroelectricity companies. The researchers will furthermore include studies from international research partners, sectoral case studies, and economic studies of China’s contribution to energy innovation in a global context.



The research will contribute knowledge about globalization and innovation in the Chinese sustainable energy industry. It will likewise provide insights into innovation dynamics and global knowledge and resources within green energy technology.

We will look closer at opportunities for competition and co-operation between Europe and China. The research results will be relevant for businesses and policymakers in both countries. We will also examine whether China’s renewable energy technologies can be used in Africa - head of research, Rasmus Lema, explains


Rasmus Lema

Associate professor, Department of Business and Management
Phone: 9940 2708
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Research group:

IKE  - Innovation, Knowledge and Economic Dynamics