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Faculty of Social Sciences


Researchers at The Faculty Social Sciences study changes, processes, and tendencies within societal, cultural, economic, juridical, historical, and political contexts – nationally as well as internationally.

Research groups make internationally acknowledged research and publish only via the best and most relevant channels within their respective research areas. Research results are being used outside the scope of the university itself and researchers often appear in the media due to their expertise and their ability to convert academic insights into an easily accessible language.

Research produced by The Faculty of Social Sciences is thus of the utmost highest quality. For this reason, the faculty strives to offer the best possible conditions for its researchers by, for example, subsidizing rewarding collaborations with both international research communities as well as with groups and people outside the field of research.


 Søren Kristiansen

 Research Pro-Dean
 Phone: 9940 9606
 Secretary: 9940 7020

research communities

The Faculty of Social Sciences has strong research communities extending to, but not limited to, fields such as:

  • Work and Labor Market
  • Welfare State
  • Gender and diversity
  • Public administration and organization
  • Enterprise and regional development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Refugee, asylum, and integration politics
  • Crime and cybercrime
  • Sociology and social conditions
  • Social Work
  • Financial management and accounting


Research at The Faculty of Social Sciences is situated in research groups, centres and academic networks. Employees with research obligation are members of at least one research group. Based on a strategic plan every research group arranges different activities such as: academic workshops, joint publications, applications concerning externally financed projects and coorporations with external and international partners.

Research groups and centres and academic networks are located at the different departments at the faculty: