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Research at the Doctoral School of Social Sciences at AAU is concerned with social conditions and contributes new knowledge on man-made organizations and communities. We are especially concerned with changes, processes, and tendencies within societal, cultural, economic, juridical, historical, and political contexts – nationally as well as internationally. We, likewise, aim to create societal value and interact with society.


Søren Kristiansen

Research Pro-Dean
Phone: 9940 9606
Secretary: 9940 7020



Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences is situated in research groups, centres and academic networks. Employees with research obligation are members of at least one research group. Based on a strategic plan every research group arranges different activities such as: academic workshops, joint publications, applications concerning externally financed projects and coorporations with external and international partners.

Research groups and centres and academic networks are located at the different departments at the faculty: