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PhD defence by Abolfazl Amiri


28.01.2022 kl. 12.30 - 16.00


“Distributed processing methods for extra large-scale MIMO”

Massive MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) systems are key candidates for the fifth generation (5G) of cellular networks.  Having a lot of antenna elements at the base station (BS) is an important enabler to provide a very high spatial resolution. At very large dimensions, e.g. aperture sizes bigger than 100 wavelengths, a new type of array called extra-large scale MIMO (XL-MIMO) emerges that offers enhanced spectral and energy efficiency. However, practical implementation of such arrays requires overcoming several challenges such as computational complexity, hardware limitations and non-stationary propagation patterns. This thesis presents several techniques such as distributed methods, non-stationary-aware receivers, and antenna selection schemes. 
The main outcome of the thesis is the proposal of signal processing enablers for the XL-MIMO systems. The proposed methods address the challenges while providing acceptable performance.

Assessment Committee
Professor, Ana Garcia Armada, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Professor, Peter Höher, University of Kiel, Germany
Associate Professor, Troels B. Sørensen, Aalborg University (Chairman)

Professor MSO, Elisabeth De Carvalho, Aalborg University
Professor, Petar Popovski, Aalborg University
Associate Professor, Carles N. Manchon, Aalborg University

Associate Professor, Jimmy Jessen Nielsen, Aalborg University


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Connectivity Section, Department of Electronic Systems


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