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CANCELLED! Invitation to inaugural lecture by Obel Professor Arjan Blokland

CANCELLED! Invitation to inaugural lecture by Obel Professor Arjan Blokland

Title: “You don’t suppose you can run a railway in accordance with the statutes of the state of New York, do you?” Studying corporate crime through a life-course lens.


02.04.2020 kl. 13.00 - 14.00


​The lecture has been cancelled due to the Corona virus

Arjan Blokland, Leiden University, is a newly appointed Obel Professor at Aalborg University at the Department of Sociology and Social Work. Blokland is a senior-researcher at the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime an Law Enforcement, collaborator of the International Centre for Comparative Criminology, associate editor of the Journal of Quantitative Criminology, and has played an active role in establishing both the European Society of Criminology working group on Developmental and Life-course Criminology, as well as the Division of Developmental and Life-course Criminology of the American Society of Criminology. Blokland’s research interests involve the evolution of delinquency and crime across the life span and the desired and collateral effects of interventions aimed to curb criminal development. Blokland has introduced the criminal career and life-course approach to several other research fields, including sex offending research, organized crime research and, most recently, the study of corporate crime. The Obel Professorship is financially supported by the Obel Family Foundation.

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There will be a small reception after the lecture.

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