SurveyXact is a web-based application to conduct surveys, including collection, analysis and presentation of data. AAU has purchased a license to use the program by Ramboll Management.

All staff and students at AAU can freely use the program for research, project work, teaching, evaluation, etc. The only requirement is that what you use it for must be related to work/study at AAU.

To access SurveyXact simply log on with your AAU Portal login.

If you have problems with the above and are employee/students at the Faculty of Social Sciences, please contact:

Send a mail with:

  • your name
  • your AAU-mailadress
  • whether you are a student/employee
  • your study/institute
  • and if you are a student, which semester

Support for students/employees at Faculty of Social Sciences

There is an on-line manual, when you are logged in SurveyXact.
Additionally, employees can contact Ramboll Management Support Line, tel 7026 7822
Students/employees can contact Berit Fejborg, Faculty of Social Sciences Office,