Doctoral School of Social Sciences

The overall purpose of the Doctoral School of Social Sciences is to ensure a doctoral study programme of high quality within the academic areas of research and education at The Faculty of Social Sciences, Aalborg University.

The Doctoral School sets the framework for an active national and international doctoral study programme, where the PhD student in dialogue with supervisor and colleagues completes an independent scientific project resulting in a PhD thesis.

Through the project the PhD student will obtain competencies within research, lecturing and knowledge dissemination that will qualify him/her to work with research and development tasks in e.g. private companies, governmental research institutions, NGOs or at a university as a researcher.

The Doctoral School of Social Sciences is continuously developing and improving the framework for the PhD programme through 7 doctoral programmes. Consequently, a 4-year strategic action plan was launched in autumn 2012 in order to focus on the continuous development and quality assurance of the doctoral school activities.

See: Strategic action plan for the Doctoral School of Social Sciences at Aalborg University 2016-2021